Bluestone Farm

Why Kikos?

Exceptional Maternal Instincts

Parasite Resistant

Aggressive Foragers 

Aggressive Breeders

Rigorous, fast-growing kids 

Less Producer input

Less hoof problems 

More kids raised to weaning

Why AKGA Registered?

The American Kiko Goat Association® (AKGA) is the official registry of Kiko breeders and owners in North America, and the only Kiko organization able to trace ancestry to the original New Zealand goats imported into the United States (https://www.kikogoats.com).

Why Bluestone Farm?

We are a small family farm which means we pride ourselves in focused breeding of goats and in making personal connections with customers.  Goats raised on our farm will always be part of our family.

Commercial 100% Kikos are also available to join your farm.  Click on the contact tab for more details..